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Saturday, September 27, 2014

If and when

If you can hold your head up high
when things are not so good
if you have lost your wings and you can't fly
even though you should

if you can stop yourself from giving up
when fate has tricked you and you're trapped
if you can find another way to turn things around
when everything is lost and buried in the ground

if you can make your actions speak louder than words
if you always know what you are walking towards
if you can dream but not let dreams rule your life
if you can cut through problems like butter is cut by a knife

if you can learn to play life's game of chess
you may find yourself in front of success
when it will happen you can't know
just work, sweat, bleed and grow

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Running Free

While looking at the stars
a thought struck my mind
all you need its money girls and cars
that is a life well designed

being able to run free
waking up without a worry
shining like a christmas tree
aiming for the immortal glory

will having everything and more
be enough to bring you joy ?
let me try and make sure
i'll let you know, so you also can enjoy

Monday, September 15, 2014

Status Update

In the emergency room of a busy hospital
a tipsy blonde girl is doing the impossible

almost fainted out she's yelling at the nurse
I need tot change my Facebook status give me back my purse
I only need one minute to check-in from my phone
just put it on the bed i can do it on my own

my new status is i'm feeling sick
nurse help me please my blouse will not unzip
I need to take a selfie with the needle in my vein
I need to tweet and chat about my chest pain

oh Doc please tell me the truth am i gonna die ?
I'll be frank with you young lady i won't lie
you just got too drunk and crapped your pants
you're my hero Doc, let's take a photo...thanks

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Life is like a porn

Life is like a porn
like a gangbang in a dorm
don't go in if you are blind
cause' life will take you from behind

if you are hangover
don't bend over
life will be right there
ready to ignite the flare

pay attention to the signs
don't cross any lines
life is like a porn
it will stick you like a thorn

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


i'm driving on the highway towards the promised land
it is a slow ride cause' it's made of water and sand
to see more clearly i light up a cigar
i pour some whiskey to fuel the car
this car is magic and can drive on its own
i have to be careful when i step into the zone
it has no mirrors cause' i don`t need to look back
i just put my foot on the gas and drive into pitch black
no more memories no more problems
no more things to occupy the mind
no more  stories no more troubles
just me and the unpredictable wild

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Never Right

I can't seem to be right
can't do it even for my life
i'm a good friend with Mr Wrong
but with Mr Right i can't get along

lady Luck hates me too
every decision that i take
makes things tremble like a quake
what am i to do

i spin the wheel another time
hoping for the best
with everything on the line
my heart is pounding in my chest

i want to be right only once
to restore the balance
to be right no matter what fate wants
one time it really counts

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Bottoms up

I see the world in different colors
 depending on what I drink
 I drink away my sorrows
 I keep my head Into the bottle till I sink
Rolling between bottles
I'm looking through their glass
I can't see any problems
only a girl's naked ass
I can't find my words
but who needs them anyway
my eyes are rolling backwards
kiss you all I'm entering the gateway